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is this abuse?

hi.i dont even know where to begin.My husband had a very bad temper with me.He will get angry about who knows what,,,,something small,,,and will berate me verbally for hours,,,,sometimes days over and over again
Always listing everyhthing he hates about me,I have heard it so many times,,,i know what exactly he will say,
and it is never anything to do with what got him angry to begin with.
The list is long long and varied.He will speak in an ugly tone,,,and remind me he is not "yelling" bcause he isnt raising his voice.Then he will eventually scream,,,throw things at my head/face
and punch me on my arms or it wont show
then,,,he never ever says he is sorry.i hear about all these stories when an abusive man will apoligize,,,,buy gifts,,etc
He never does anything,He will actually tell me to stop pouting and being a "bad word: when he makes me cry or sad from yelling
I dont know what to do.I cant fight back or defend myself during it because he is making NO sense and it wouldnt work or help,,it makes him worse
he never compliments me
what to do?
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replied February 6th, 2012
It sounds like my ex boyfriend read my story I posted it. I was called fat stupid dumb hed tell me I was to sensitive I need to be stronger but name calling being punched not a way to treat someone you love.
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replied March 1st, 2012
This sounds EXACTLY like what I am going through. My husband es extremely verbally abusive.It would literally take me all day and hundreds of pieces of paper to put it all in words! He has called me the most horendous names, names like, and please excuse my language,,,,,,,,,,b**, fat [tramp], c***, worthless, brain dead, retarded,physco,piece of crap, lazy,etc. I could go on! He gets ENRAGED over the dumbest things, over things that wouldn't even make a normal person mad in the first place. I just don't know what to do anymore. I just wish that I had someone to talk to. I feel so alone and I'm not sure what to do. All I know is that I have NEVER done anything to deserve this kind of treatment. He also has NEVER once apologized to me! EVER!!! He does not think that he is doing anything wrong and thaT EVERYTHING is my fault....If I weren't such a piece of junk(or whatever word he choses to use)then he wouldn't have to yell and scream at me. Anymore, I don't even respond to him when he starts ranting and raving at me because it does NO good, he doesn't even hear me or even let me talk......I could go on forever! I am so depressed and anxious all the time and I am so tired of feeling this way
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