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Is this a sign of CANCER?

An ultrasound pelvis transvaginal exam showed a thickened, 1.7cm, edometrium With a slightly heterogenous appearance. No specific polypoid areas are identified. What does this Mean?
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replied September 29th, 2013
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Endometrial (uterine) cancer is actually quite rare. Since you posted in the menopause forum, I assume you're post-menopausal in which case 1.7cm is thicker than normal. These characteristics seen on ultrasound could possibly be explained by fibroids or polyps because they can make the lining appear thicker than it is as well as heterogeneous. Your doctor may want to do some further testing such as hysterosonogram (a.k.a. sonohysterogram) and/or an endometrial biopsy.
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replied September 30th, 2013
Thank you.
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