Things got a little heated between me and my girlfriend, and she undid my jeans, pulled them down and proceeded to give me a blow job. She then started to give me a hand job. At the same time I started to finger her underneath her jeans. She stopped before I finished and I carried on fingering her - even using the hand that had touched my penis. She orgasms and I stop fingering her. By this time I had removed her jeans, and after she had orgasmed, she then pulled her jeans back up. She then pulls down my trousers and gives me a hand job till I ejaculate. I ejaculated on my stomach, and it went on her hand. I cleaned myself up, and she went to wash her hands. She came back and pointed out some semen I had missed and she touched it. She didn't wash her hands. I then noticed some semen on the top of her quilt cover, which she touched to check if that's what it was. She didn't wash her hands. She then went on her laptop for a bit, then went back to her bed and lay on it - also lying on the part were my damp semen was.

Now I'm panicking about a pregnancy risk, like if she goes to the toilet, forgets she washed her hands and touches herself with my 'stuff' on, or whether she goes to bed and my stuff on the quilt goes on her... or even if there was pre-cum or something on my penis, which I then touched and then fingered her... though I'm pretty sure my hands were completely dry when I did finger her. She also pressed herself up against my crotch, after I had used tissue paper to clean up any semen, and then pulled my jeans back up - her jeans were on too.

So yeah, from what I've said, is there any pregnancy risk?


EDIT: Oh, her last period was two weeks ago.
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replied December 18th, 2012
It's very unlikely she will get pregnant by that. It's okay don't panic, you guys are fine. No baby your way (:
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