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is this a misscarraige? my regular period was 2 weeks ago

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i have stomach cramps/pains for 5 days now..and what started as brown spotting is now bright red and a full on period. i have a constant heavy feeling in my pelvic area (not disimiler to needing a poo)..not sure if im making a mountain out a mole hill but i never have this nor do i get period pains i find this for so long abnormal for me. i'm in oz just now and the dr has told me to go get an ultrasound on thurs..which is very expensive for me..i was just wondering if anyone would have an idea of these symtoms...i did a prgnancy test on thurs which was neg but is it possible this could have been a miscarriage and will the ultrasound show this?
im worried as i know my body and this is not right.
i have done a urine test for std's but the blood tests are gonna cost me 120 ontop of the i need blood tests or will the ultrasound provide most info?
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replied April 4th, 2011
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