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Is this a miscarriage? and will she be okay?

My girlfriend just told me that she thought she had a miscarriage. The news hit me out of nowhere, we didn't even know she was pregnant to begin with.The last week and a half or so she has been complaining of tender breasts, she threw up one night which could have just been a normal upset stomach, but one day last week she said that she thought she had started her period when she checked it was just a wet watery discharge. Her periods are always irregular,and she normally goes 2-3 months between periods since she doesn't take birth control anymore so it didn't scare me that much. But after a couple days I asked her to take a pregnancy test to just be sure. The test was negative and I thought everything was okay. But yesterday she said she started bleeding really heavily which wasn't normal for her and felt severe pain in her stomach. She had never felt this way before and said she had thought that it was a miscarriage. The bleeding stopped after this one incident. Is this a miscarriage? and will she be okay? Thanks for the replies.
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