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is this a fourth generation hiv duo test?

I have had some unprotected intercourse with someone i do not his hiv status ( he told me he is negative but let's assume he was positive . i am female and we only had vaginal sex . it lasted for two months . exactly 30 days after last exposure ( which was 3 weeks after my pre - last intercourse with him ) i took an ac,anti-hiv DUO eclia serum plasma test which resulted negative . at day 47 after last exposure and must be day 67 = 68 after pre=last exposure i retested same one still negative . my doctor at my clinic told me to not even try to test again until 6 months cos i would have fake results ??? When asked for generation he did not know ,
What i want to know is
- is this a fourth generation hiv duo test
- can i trust this test
- is there any chance that the test did not pick the antigens or antibodies if its a fourth generation one ?
- is there any chance that my results to change
- do i need more testings ?
- can i consider myself hiv free ?
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replied August 7th, 2015
Extremely eHealthy
that how they do it to be sure that you are clear and they may ask you to come again in 6 months after this. Some of these infections take longer. Please use condoms.........and be careful.
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replied August 8th, 2015
after this stress that i am going through ofc but do you know anything about hiv duo ?
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