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Is there anything wrong with doing cardio every day?

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I don't know actually which is bad or good. Many men say doing cardio everyday its good or other say doing cardio access is very bad. Which one should I do? please suggest me.
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replied January 14th, 2019
I believe the answer to this is highly dependent on your health and fitness goals. Excessive cardio can be different for every person, and some people can do 6-7 days a week and even multiple times a day without issue.

Cortisol and muscle breakdown with tendonitis and all that are always things to keep an eye on, but make sure to get enough nutrition, sleep, rest, stretching, icing, NSAID's, etc. and listen to your body about anything that is hurting, sore, or overly tight.

How much cardio are you asking about? As you get more and more used to training, it is possible you may become more resilient to the stressors of the exercise, but additionally, we all have natural limits as humans and pushing past what we are capable of is good (within reason), so just do your best to assess how you are feeling.

If nothing else, trainers can help and recording the intensity of your workouts, length of workouts, type of workout, etc. can all help you see how you are doing and feeling.

If you suddenly notice a drop in performance, that can be a good "cue" to sort of back off a bit and lessen the load of exercise. Enough water is so very important and cannot be emphasized enough!
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