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Is there any danger in taking 100% Whey Isolate protein powder?

Is 100% Whey Isolate Protein healthy or unhealthy to take post workout on a daily basis?
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I am 16 years old and have started a very rigorous workout program. I recently purchased a 100% Whey Isolate Protein Powder (The Optimum Nutrition Performance one). My mom has told me though that it is very unhealthy for me to take it once a day because it will damage my kidneys and liver. Every thing I've seen online has said it is fine but my mom says they are biased because they are paid to say what they say. So I was looking for an experts opinion to help resolve our debate. Thanks Smile
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replied August 13th, 2013
Consuming whey protein can serve liability to your body as it is highly processed and devoid of nutritional co-factors including alkalizing minerals and hence when consumed chronically can leads to dangerous level of internal acidity and over time consuming causes time lead to metabolic acidosis. So, do consult your trainer before utilizing them in daily practice.
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