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Is there a chance shes pregnant?

ok well almost a month ago i went for a few drinks with a friends and i ended up getting with a girl or whatever anyway one thing came to another and we went back to her place.

First things first i was quite drunk but did use a condom and im pretty sure but not definite that it was on correctly. I am quite a paranoid guy when it comes to sex as in I am always paranoid about getting the girl pregnant and usually i wont even finish in the condom. Anyway without getting into way too much detail after a while at it i saw the condom was wrecked as in if i kept going with it I reckon it would have snapped, so i put on another one and I also reckon that this time it was on properly. So being drunk I finished in the condom and it all seemed ok when I pulled out. This was until I left her house with the condom still on in my pants. When i got home my whole penis was wet with come not just the top and even my testicles had a little of what felt like sperm.

My question is there a chance that sperm came out the side of the condom and into her?

When I took my penis out of her I didnt hold the condom as I took it out but from what I remember it was still on properly. I asked when she last got her period and she said a week. So i spent the next day paranoid. It happend late on the Saturday night. On the Monday I decided that just to minimize the chance we should get the morning after pill. So we went and got that seeing as she was not already on another kind of contraceptive pill.

My worrying died down a little until now. That night I asked her when she last got her period and she said the week before. Its 3 days off a month now and she still hasnt got it. She doesnt know her exact days. And I am spending a lot of time worrying and my heart thumping and not being able to enjoy life as much. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
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