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is the gout a chronic condition ?

please, I'm a bodybuilder.may age is 32 years. I'm suffreing a sever pain in my knees and a very noisy sound so I went for uric acid analysis three weeks ago and the result came with 9.7.

I have three questions.
1-is it going to be chronic?
2- do i have to keep on medications?
3- what is the relation between blood high levels of uric acid and urine PH?

Thanks a lot & have a nice day
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replied March 26th, 2011
Hi Elhewie, as far as I know the uric acid test should be about 7 to be normal, so yours is elevated a bit. Usually bodybuilders are on high protein diets and this may be where your problem lies. If you do not make dietary changes, chances are that gout will become chronic, and believe me, you do not want to go there! You need to find out what you can eat, in other words what plant proteins you can use to subtitute the animal proteins with. If you learn how to manage gout effectively it will not be necessary to use medication all of the time. There are a lot of "home" remedies you can try first before you start using meds.
You also have to make absolutely sure that you indeed have gout. Your elevated uric acid reading may be caused by your high protein diet but that does not necessaraly mean that you have gout. Gout can only be diagnosed accurately by finding uric acid crystals in your joint fluids. There might be another reason for the pain in your knees like slow and traumatic damage over a period of time to the ligaments and cartlidge due to weight lifting. What did your doctor say and what meds did he prescribe? Please let me know.
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