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Is the ear drum membrane fixed or is it a revolving flap?

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So I have to be honest, a bug (possibly a young roach the size of an ant or something dark without antennae per the ER nurse) could be seen in my ear canal crawling around trying to escape.

I went to the ER 20 mins after noticing the buzzing in my ear right around 3am. by 3:30am the nurse confirmed the bug and 10 mins later he placed some anesthetic drops in my ear canal.

10 mins later he came back, dropped some oil drops and had me lay on my side with my bad ear facing up for about 5-10 mins.

After that he came back and had me lay down on my bad ear so that it would drain. I noticed the oil stains on the towel but no bug. The attending doctor checked my ear and no more bug, the nurse also couldn't see it anymore.

A second doctor at my request checked the ear drum and canal and he said he could only see an (oil?) bubble on my ear drum. I was discharged.

I went back 7 hours later to the ER explaining that I wanted someone take another look at no add'l charge. The manager very kindly reinspected my ear and said that things looked OK.

I still feel some 'heavyness in my ear canal, I am trying to convince myself that it's just the oil residue and the trauma that's still there clogging my ear that's causing the discomfort.

On the other hand I'm still skeptical about this whole ordeal and I am wondering if the bug could have gone past the ear drum into the middle ear. Mom says that I would be in a lot of pain if that had been the case starting from the moment when the bug last crawled around. She says that if the thing drowned and stayed there stuck to the ear canal wall or something that then my pain should worsen by tomorrow or the next day as she once had a mosquito stuck too.

Any advice welcome. I am still thinking of visiting a good nurse practitioner friend of mine first thing in the morning that can give me a non biased description of my ear. I am also thinking of scheduling an appt at the ENT! .. this sux!
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