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Is Telehealth good option for my elderly parents

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My parents are in their late Eighties and live at home. My sister worries about them a lot as both she and I don't live nearby and their health is becoming increasingly fragile (my mum has the beginnings of Alzheimer’s). I believe you can get some kind of alarm systems set up to alert us if they have a fall or an accident through using telehealth. My sister and I would love to know more, particularly if there are any users out there who could give recommendations about the best equipment to buy and where from, what great new gadgets are available and where else we could get advice.
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replied April 2nd, 2012
Hi forgetmenot2. My father has just been diagnosed with COPD and I'm looking into telehealth for him. I've done quite a bit of research on-line but, like you, I'm trying to make contact with someone who is currently using this system. Anyone out there?

All the research I've come across seems positive and the government are backing it too. 45% reduction in mortality rates apparently. Extraordinary. Here's a useful article I came across on-line: ntent/-/article_display_list/13154324/tele medicine-could-reduce-mortality-by-45

I also found some useful information on the Department of Health's website. Hope that helps.

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