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Is she pregnant through her clothes?

Ok, first off, i would like to acknowledge the fact that what i am about to ask may sound incredibly dumb, but i seem to have an overactive mind, and i tend to worry a lot.
My girlfriend and i were kissing one night and she started to rub me (on the outside of my clothes) she stopped right before i would have ejaculated, however after i went to the bathroom i realized there was a wet spot (not terribly large) on my underwear (i was wearing briefs and boxers over them, so the briefs soaked up what i saw) and it was milky liquid. prior to going to the bathroom (while we were still kissing), my hand might have brushed up on my boxers where the wet spot was before my hand got near her vaginal area. (if there was any on my hand, it was an unnoticeable amount).
my worry is that she could be pregnant from the possible sperm on my hand getting through her underwear where my hand was. (my hand was in her pants but outside of her underwear)
i have decided to talk to her about possible birth control to prevent these worries, even though we both agree on not having sex.
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replied August 21st, 2011
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No, she is not pregnant from what you are describing.

Please be very careful when you are playing.
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