Hi everyone. I've been on a recomended nutrition plan by a Dr. Abram Hoffer where I take certain supplements. In addition to the supplements he recomends, I also take a lot of thee ones recomended in a book called "prescription for nutritional healing." All the supplements recomended to me are for schizophrenics.

I've seen a huge improvement since I started in June. Which was less than 3 months ago. The improvement has been so great that when I suggested to my phychiatrist we reduce my meds he agreed.

I was taking 1 60 mg geodon capsule b4 bed. and 2 depakote 500 mg pills before bed. theyve both been reduced. starting tomorrow ill be taking 1 40 mg capsule of geodon b4 bed, and 1 depakote 500 mg pill b4 bed.

has anyone here been on such a low dose and experienced any weight loss? my biggest trouble with my meds is that they produce considerable weight gain. before i was on the meds i weighed between 185-200 now im 240-250 /=
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replied July 24th, 2012
I am on abilify 15 mgs and want to try out the niacin vitamin therapy by Hoffer. I am reading 3 motnhs of info on it and in 14 days I am having my next appointment with a orthomolecular therapeut.

This is how I think the amount I should take. mayne you can give me advice as you have been on them much longer. How are you doing righ tnow after a year?

niacin: 1500
c: 3000
b complex: 100
B6: 50
zinc: 30
omega 3: 3000 mgs fish oil capsules
magnesium: ?
maganese: ?
perhaps B12 in case of depresion?


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