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Is para aortic lymph node serious?

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I had a CT of abdomen/Pelvis to try to find out why I've been having pain and nausia. A 1.3cm para aortic lymph node was seem on the left, along with 'several scattered small lymph nodes in the retro peritoneal area' and a 3.3cm cyst with in my right ovary. I know the cyst would certainly explain my symptoms, but the fact that I have at least one enlarged lymph node sort of worries me. Do you think that is cause for concern? The CT was ordered by a GI doc, but I'm seeing a OB/GYN very soon. I'm only 26, and a mother of 1 beautiful boy.

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replied July 7th, 2009
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You should undergo further examination for determining the nature of the ovarian cyst and the cause foe swollen paraaortic lymph node.
The worst scenario could be a genital malignancy, spreading to the paraaortic lymph nodes.

The right answer can be given by you gynecologist!
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replied November 24th, 2011
paraaortal lymph node and ovarian cyst
Hi sarah
Did you find out what you had? My wife has a very similar situation and I'm just curious what it turned out to be. Hope all is well.
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