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Is my upper neck pain Sinus related?

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I've been experiencing strange pain in the back of my head/ upper neck area for months now. It's not all the time and not that severe, but very uncomfortable and strange feeling. What first felt like maybe I strained my neck, feels a little more from within now. It's more like a slight pressure related pain. I saw a doctor that said it could be an ear infection or sinus related and gave me antibiotics which seemed to have helped at first but now the symptoms are coming back. Again, it's not all the time, but it is almost everyday and is worsened by alcohol for sure ( pretty obvious there). My nose is dry and I don't have a cold, but I did a few months back and it seems like there's a chance the timing of this pain could've come on after that cold. Also I have been snoring and keeping my wife up for the last month, and I never snored before. If it is sinus related, what are some medications, just more antibiotics cause that seemed to have not worked and I have seen two doctors already.
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replied April 12th, 2011
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