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Is my Nexplanon working? Yellow discharge and I can see it

Hi! This past Tuesday, I received the Nexplanon implant, and everything went well. However, my doctor neglected to tell me how to take care of the procedure site until it was healed so I took the pressure bandage off about 5 or 6 hours after I received the implant, and it was pretty raw and gross so I placed a bandage over the punctures, where the needles went in. It's now Sunday, and while the bigger holes are closing up, there is one small site where I can visibly see about a half a centimeter to a centimeter of the actual implant and it looks as though it is becoming infected (red around the opening and secreting a very small amount of yellowy discharge). I am headed to see my boyfriend in about a week and wanted to make sure that what i'm seeing is normal, and will clear up soon so that I have no complications if we don't use a condom? Thank you!
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replied December 16th, 2013
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I would go back and have it looked at so that if it is getting infected the doctor can give you anti biotics to help clear up the infection if it is an infection.

I would also say to use condoms whilst with your boyfriend until you are completely cleared by your GP.
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