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Is my girlfriend still hungup on her ex or am I just jealous?

Just to avoid confusion, I am a lesbian.

I've been in my current relationship for 3 months. When I met my girlfriend she told me that she had only been in one previous relationship. I don't know how long they dated but their actual relationship only lasted a month and ended 3 months before we met. She said that her and her ex ended on bad terms and didn't speak anymore. She would always tell me how awful her ex was. One time she randomly mentioned that her ex was the only person to ever truly break her heart.

Shortly after we started dating she told me that her ex reached out and apologized and they agreed to be friends. My girlfriend said she didn't want to hold a grudge against her ex. Quite a few times on social media my girlfriend will post sad quotes such as "I've learned that giving your heart to someone only screws you over in the end", "I don't know why you left, but I'm glad you did", "I loved you with all of my heart and you left me heartbroken." Now when we are together she is constantly texting her ex and she told me it's because her ex goes to her for advice. She has cancelled our date night for the last 2 days in a row to have lunch with her ex. She told me it's because her ex is feeling down and having problems with her relationship and my girlfriend is just trying to be a good friend. I recommended that she invite her ex to join us on our date because it was going to be a bunch of fun activities but she declined. When I asked about how the lunch was she told me that instead of going to a restaurant they ended up just getting snacks and chatting at her ex's house.

She drove 35 minutes to pick her ex up and hangout, but she has never wanted to pick me up. I also live 35 minutes away in the opposite direction but my girlfriend said expressways and driving with a GPS give her anxiety so I always pick her up or meet with her.

I half jokingly said one time "so your ex left you in the friend zone huh" and her response was "i'm glad i'm not with her anymore because she's a mess right now". I was hoping more for an answer such as "no I'm not interested in her" or "I want to be with you not her" but I didn't dwell on what she said either.

Are these red flags that she's still into her ex or is she just genuinely a nice girl and I'm being jealous? If it is a red flag, do I confront her about it or just cut it off? She told me her biggest turn off in a relationship is when a girl is insecure or has trust issues.
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