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Is my girlfriend pregnant? Why did that blood come?

Me and My gf tried having sex last time. But she had lots of pain so I left it and my penis didn't enter her vagina too far, I mean the hymen is intact. She is virgin. We did only oral sex. And I didn't ejeculate on her vagina. It happened 15 days ago. Her period is supposed to start after 2 3 days from now. Today she called me and said that she saw little blood. (very less, around 4 5 drops). She said she didn't had any pain. She didn't knew when that blood came. She said it can't be period.

I want to know is she pregnant? Why did that blood come?
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replied August 15th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
It's highly unlikely that your girlfriend is pregnant from what you have described.

The bleeding you described sounds like spotting.
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