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Is my girlfriend pregnant

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So my girlfriend and I had sex about 2 weeks ago , she is on the pill and we have made sure she has been taking it daily . but for the past few days her boobs have been very sore so this made her stress as she was only coming on in another week or 2 weeks , so she decided to start taking the pill in the pack that causes you to come onto your period a week early so she started 2 days ago and still no period she normally gets cramps when she is close to coming on , but now no cramps and her boobs are still hurting should i be worried or is it all in my head
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replied October 31st, 2018
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The pills at the end of the pack are "dummy" pills and contain no active ingredients. They don't actually make the period come on, the natural body rhythm that does that. Now that the pill cycle has been messed up you should abstain or use condoms until a period arrives.

It sounds like the sore boobs started mid cycle, when ovulation normally occurs. Is it possible that an abnormal ovulation is causing the problem?

Visit the web site for the pills she is taking and see if sore boobs is a sometimes side effect. To ease your mind she could also run a home pregnancy test when her period was next expected. Best of luck!
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