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Is my girlfriend freaking out or what? I need help

About 2 weeks ago me and my girlfriend were fooling around. We didn't really go into it that much i thought. She gave me and hand job and i just rubbed her vulva for like a minute. I only had one orgasm and embarrassingly in was in my pants.... so i don't think she could feel it. While she was giving me a hand job though i did feel pre-*** but i did not have a full ejaculation. Also, im almost certain that i never got any of my own pre-*** on her ! After that we just made out for a bit and just rubbed out bodies against each other. Now she is complaining about having sore nipples and her period is supposed to start this week and i don't know shes just freaking out because its her first time doing stuff. We are both virgins and were both clothed at the time.I'm pretty sure that you can not get pregnant from this and i'm just trying to reassure my girlfriend. can anyone help or give any reasonable tips that may help? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you !
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replied November 22nd, 2013
Extremely eHealthy
Unaccustomed sexual activity can change a girl's hormone production and make her feel different or make her periods different.

For her to be made pregnant sperm would need to get into her vagina - rather difficult as you were both clothed all the time.

Sounds as though you can both relax.

Incidentally, stressing about things can also disrupt periods.

Good luck!
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