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is my girlfriend finally having her period or is she pregnant?

So hi i love if someone could help my girlfriend and myself out so my girlfriend and I had unprotected sex I believe a day or so around she was ovulating. Now one week later she had some bleeding but then next day it was lighter then day after that was nothing. I actually was thinking maybe could be implantation bleeding.
Now a couple days since then she had another bleed today. Her period was suppose to come in another 2-3 days anyway but we both wondering what going on cause she never had this happen before where she has bleed a week early before her period and the fact that it lasted 2 days and now she is bleeding again a few days later few days before her period is suppose to happen.
No cramps or anything else yet it’s just been the bleeding really so speaking for us both does anyone know what could be happening? Is she having her period finally but if so why did she bleed for few days a week ago or could she had had the implatation bleeding and could be pregnant or maybe did but miscarried? Does anyone know and can help us out?
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replied June 16th, 2018
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Only a pregnancy test can tell if she is indeed pregnant. And it is very difficult to say why she is experiencing this strange pattern. There can be many reasons.
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replied June 17th, 2018
thanks for your replay. She had more bleeding today like little heavier but still sounds so strange to both of us.
I told her to take a test but she wants to wait till tomorrow to see if gets more heavy bleeding.
No cramps or anything else the only other thing she got is she been having heachaches
Just think taking the test be best thing but i dont know i dont know if she going to take it. I jst feel like if she gets more bleeding tomorrow she going to not take one and just think its finally her period but what if she is pregnant and something happening? Or maybe she not pregnant but got other issues going on. Just think taking the test should be done just to rule out pregnancy at least
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