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Is my boyfriend schizophrenic?

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Hello everyone

I've been dating this guy for about 2 months. known him for about one year (off and on). It's been more off than on because he has a very obsessive personality, but it's gotten a lot better since or most recent reconnection. It's currently a long distance relationship.

He's a super sweet man that cares for me greatly. He has been through a few traumatic experiences, and it's effected him profoundly. However, he has mentioned some things that I'm concerned about.

1) He has delusions of grandeur. He believes he can stop rain, make lightening, etc. by just commanding it. He also believes he can heal a variety of illinesses by recieving and sending energy through his body. He says he wonders "what" he is sometimes because of this.

2) He says he hears voices at times. He says they say blasphemous things, and that he "usually" keeps it under control.

3) He said he has seen people that are not there, but attributed it to sleep paralysis and/or having a Native American background (making him more spiritually inclined)

He denies being schizophrenic, but I just have a feeling he is. I just want to be cautious before I get too involved.

Any opinions?

Thanks in advance.
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replied May 21st, 2011
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Hey there codenamebeauty,

If he's not into recreational drugs whatsoever, and he's having those symptoms you've described, then it sounds like he's schizophrenic to me. I rarely come across one of these in this forum that is so cut and dry.

Just out of curiosity... Now that you know... Does it frighten you in any way? Are you going to stick by him? I'm just curious... I wouldn't hold it against you either way.

I've been attracted to men and have gone out on a few non-serious dates since my first psychotic episode four years ago. The dates are a lot of fun, but I always end things, before we get too serious and I'm obligated to tell them about my illness. I'm always afraid if they find out, they will drop me like a hot potato. The rejection would suck, but I wouldn't blame them, really.
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replied May 21st, 2011
Hi Areyoukiddingme (I like that name btw)

Thanks for your response. No, He does not take any drugs whatsoever.

Last night, he asked me to go outside at 9:00 pm and look up at the sky. There was suppose to be something there. He said it was a surprise and he wanted me to take a pic of it. I was pretty excited.
I kept asking what it's suppose to be and who told him this. He wouldn't answer me. So Tonight, I went outside and NOTHING happened. I told him I didn't see anything and I asked him once again, who told him about this? What was it suppose to be? He finally said, "I'm not sure...but a "voice" in the back of my head told me to tell you that"

Honestly, it does frighten me a little bit. It frightens me because I haven't been around him that much.

My mother's side of the family has a history of mental illness (Bipolar mania), so it helps me to be more understanding of his situation. To me, theres no such thing as sanity, just blissful don't plan on leaving him unless he gives me a reason to believe he is dangerous.
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replied May 21st, 2011
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Maybe you just missed it?. Maybe there was something there and you just didn't or couldn't see it.?

Maybe it was a setup by the voices, come out here at this time so that we can scan you or whatever voices do.

Or maybe they tried to show you something, but you just weren't capable of seeing it?. A test maybe?. "Let's see if we can communicate with her."

I don't know really why they would want you to come out at 9:00 and look at the sky, but they are real, very real. So you need to discern whether or not they are good right? So that you can help him out or stay away from him.

You need to devise a plan, some clever questions to find out who they are and what they really want, are you capable of this? I was telling areyoukiddingme about an old story about a traveler who came to a fork in the road, he needed directions, two dudes were there, one a liar and one a truth teller, so he simply asked the right question, and he caught the liar and went the right way. This is possible to do.

If I were him I wouldn't have told you, I mean, who trusts some voice in there head?
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replied March 23rd, 2012
yeah well...i've been dating a guy for a little over 2 years and he has some of the same symptoms. He claims to see people who are not there: "spirits" tells me they want him to come with them. He says they visit him in his dreams and come through his door and they talk about the future to him. He says he hears voices and talks to dead people. He sincerely believes in everything and when i tell him that it is not real...he gets pretty emotionally upset. recently since the death of his mother he's gotten worse. Your only hope is to get him professional help. I broke up with him in hopes that he will go in that direction. As a gf, you can't to much to save him except to get him help even though he may be angry at you for doing so. Hope this helps anyone reading. and p.s DO NOT GET ANYMORE INVOLVED THAN YOU ALREADY ARE YOU WILL ONLY GET HURT.
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