I am 17 and I am in my first relationship with a guy who is the same age at me. We met in school but we are now long distance, since I moved to another country. We have been together for a year and a few months and have been long distance for one year. We have visited each other three times in that one year.

Around December he started to get a lot more verbal with me. I went to visit him, for the second time in a row (which takes a lot out of me since I am very scared of flying) and when I got there he was just kinda disrespectful. When I was with him and other people he would talk to any other girl but me, and I got kinda jealous. So I told him about it and he just yelled at me. We were driving and he was speeding and when we got home he wouldn't let me get out of the car, and I was just sitting there crying while he was locking the door and driving in circles in his driveway.

Well, ever since then he has been talking to me in a more and more rude way. He calls me a "!**@!" over the smallest things and does not hesitate to tell me to "shut the f up" all the time. He will litteraly say that to me over something as little as me not being able to hear him on the phone, because the connection is bad. Or if I say something that could be interpreted as grumpy he will say things like "you must be on your period".

For the past four months he has threatened me with suicide over every little thing. Like if we have a small argument, or I won't answer his phone call over something he tells me he will kill him self. He will sent pictures of him holding a knife over his wrist or videos of him speeding in his car, telling me that he is going to crash it. He also sends me messages telling me how it's all my fault if he dies. When I call him he refuse to answer and when I contact his parents he gets very angry.
When I finally get a hold of him he is usually just relaxing in his bed. So basically he has me all scared and panicking for nothing.

Recently he came to visit me and while he was sitting in the airport we had a small argument. He then threatened me to yell bomb which was just ridiculous. This was his first time coming to see me, and he made sure to make me feel like I basically owed him my life, just because he came to see me ones (although I had already visited him twice).

Often times he is a very great guy. Despite talking to me like I've mentioned above and threatening me I still really love him. He is my first real boyfriend and serious relationship so it's hard for me to just admit to what he has started to treat me like. He always used to treat me so well and he still does some of the time. But it seems as if we argue more than anything else. Our relationship is basically 80% arguing, 20% happiness. I wish we didn't argue so much, but it's also hard not to react when you get talked to in a certain way.

Sorry that this is all kinda messy and all around the place... but thank you for the help!
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