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Is my birth control pill still effective? Alesse- 28

I've been on the Alesse-28 birth control pills for about 9 months now. I usually take the pill at 1:30pm every day. I started my new pack on Monday, December 2. On both Monday (day 1) and Wednesday (day 3), I took my pill at about 11pm. On all the other days I've been taking it between 1:30pm-3:30pm. I wasn't sure if I was protected from taking my pill 10 hours late twice in the first week of my pill pack, so my boyfriend and I have been either using condoms or pulling out each time we have sex. I've been taking every pill within about an hour of my regular time each day since day 3 (I'm now on day 13). Are we safe to have sex without condoms and pulling out now, or should we wait until my next pack? Also, I was planning on skipping my next inactive pills and going straight into my next pack because otherwise my period will happen while I'm on vacation in two weeks. In the case that my late pills from the beginning of my current pack have significantly increased my chances of pregnancy, is it still safe to skip my inactive pills and use my next pack without condoms and pulling out, or is it unsafe, considering that I won't have a withdrawal bleed (not sure if this would just continue my current cycle or suppress ovulation for my next cycle). Thanks for your time and help!
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replied December 16th, 2013
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If you take a pill less than 12 hours late it's not classed as a missed pill.

You are safe from pregnancy (but not STD's) for you not to use condoms. As you are planning on skipping your next placebo week you are less likely to get pregnant but you might find that you expereince some mid cycle/ break through bleeding/spotting in the next cycle of 21 active pills.
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