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Is it stress? or a eating disorder?

it started this month.
i havent been able to eat or look or even think of food without wanting to throw up. i gag if i try to eat or if i see food and even think it. there are times where i wont eat all for a whole day but a cracker or a light snack, I get the sensation of starvation, and i just want to feast! but even in that state if i try, i gag. my pysichal features are changing im obviously loosing weight and looking old im only 17. there are days where i am able to eat abit more like a light lunch but other than that; what im going to eat for breakfast,lunch,and dinner? is just not part of my daily desisions. and also if i do eat a real meal and finnish it with in the same hour i've eaten i get a stomachache and in 15-20 mins i need to use the bathroom having diaria. though i may add i have been going through a lot of changes. im becoming a senior and theres a lot of family changes. my mom says its stress and i just have to relax. but i honestly dont know how to do not doing this on purpose and its troubling me.i dont like how i look and its causing worries to my loved ones. how can i stop gagging? and how can i bring myself to normal eating habits? i just want to be happy and normal agian. please help?
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replied August 31st, 2011
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Hi Dream_Exposed and welcome to ehealth:...I think it is more than a little of both...You are stressed out with both family changes and being a Senior...However, along the line you have also picked up a new and potentially very bad habit of not eating...You gag, because your mind tells you too...You eat little, because you are programming yourself to feel this way...You get a stomach ache, because you will it...You think it is supposed to come, so it does...My best advice is to get some help...Tell your Mom and go and see a doctor...I think a visit with a Nutritionist is also in order...This way you will learn what you must eat and when you are getting yourself in trouble....

I think you are very wise in asking for help....Kudos to you...Good luck and take care...

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replied September 8th, 2011
Reconizing eating disorders
Look here to recognize eating disorder disorders.php
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