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Is it really that big an issue?

When you read a post do any of you think about the age of the poster? I am not talking about that odd ball or rude or just being a punk posts. I am talking about the legit, well thought out, on topic, ect posts. I know some teens come on here and state they are 13, 14, 15 or whatever and some responses should be kept age appropriate but for the most part, do any of you posters think something like OMG, s/he is ?? years old and couldn't possibly be real? Or, do you look at the context of the post and the responses and not think about the age of the poster. Actually, I personally never look at the age of a poster and rarely know how old any of them are unless they state it specifically. How about you? Do any of you feel there is a discrimination of ages?

If it is a man posting on a woman's topic does the mere fact its a man posting deter you from posting? Especially if his responses are reasonable or questioning or do you think he is some perv trying to get off on answers to medical questions? If you do think the latter, is it ok for you to cruise the men's section and reply to topics there? How is that different?

Just curious.
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replied February 6th, 2010
Extremely eHealthy
It shouldn't be an issue.
We should assume every post is real enough despite age or other indicators. Even if the poster isn't serious other people who have relatable problems will read the post and the advice you give is always relevant. I often check age in profiles when I respond simply because the answer for a 15 year old is rarely the same answer for a 46 year old. Our health changes as we age and so do healthy behaviors.

I post to the mens or women's forums without much thought. I'm not here to help a gender. I'm here to provide information to folks who need it whenever I can. I don't search the Men's Chat but by virtue of my education a lot of the questions I have answers to end up being in that category. I think if you know something that can help someone letting the boys or girls club thing stop you is a bit silly.
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replied February 12th, 2010
Especially eHealthy
JinJer, I will adjust the answer for young girls or boys, especially if is clear that they are not ready for sex due to a lack of understanding and knowlege. I do point out the legal problems they might run into at such a young age, especially for the 'I am 14 and may be pregnant' posters. I will also recommend the seek help from an adult or their local library to educate themselves if it is clear that they are endangering their own wellbeing.

For the rest I try to keep it non-judgemental and facts based. Recommending self discovery before sexual play, sexual play before intercourse, safe sex before unsafe sex. And the overarching message of know what is going on before it is too late.

As far as men are concerned, they should also have the opportunity to get serious and honest answers. It is not just women that should be educated. There are however som men/boys that do not understand what the forums are there for, or are better left unanswered...
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