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is it really impossible to lose weight for me?

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Hello all,

I'm a 42 year old woman. I'm currently about 50 lbs overweight, if not more (5'10, 242 lbs) and have been for about 20 years. I've tried every diet under the sun, and kept to them for longer periods of time. I am working with a personal trainer/nutritionist (have been for five years now). I walk briskly for about 90 mins daily (daily dog walk, active dog breed), run twice a week for 45 mins (I love running and would like to do this more often and for longer periods, but my weight is hell on my feet and joints when I run), work out twice a week for one hour with my PT (strength training) and twice on my own (strength training + HIIT on rowing machine and exercise bike). My daily calorie burn is about 3000-3500 (3500-4000 if you believe my Fitbit, but I adjusted downward because some Fitbits are known to be about 10% off in their calculations). I have a lot of self-discipline, I like rigid routines and don't really like eating or the taste of food, so it's not difficult to keep to prescribed diets and menus.

I've been tested for thyroid issues multiple times (including the non-standard markers), all of them negative. I do not have PCOS. I do have hormone issues (my menstruation and ovulation can not be contained by standard anticonception pills, they just... break through), so I'm wondering if my weight loss issues stem from that. The weird thing is that while I do build muscle, my fat percentage stays basically the same, at an unhealthy 42%. I just gain extra weight to accommodate the muscle. I look like a freakin' linebacker and am freakishly strong, yet I'm still fat at an unhealthy level.

I'm "starting" to get "a little" desperate. My doctor no longer believes there's a problem, she thinks I should find a therapist to help me deal with my alleged "binge eating" (which is not and has never been a problem I have). Is there anything I can try? Thanks for reading Smile

Warm regards,
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