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Is it really advisable to remove the gallbladder by surgery?

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Is it normal to have fever when your in stage of gallbladder attack? Is it really advisable to remove the gallbladder by a surgery or it can be cured through natural medication?

your answers will be much appreciated, God Bless !
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replied April 15th, 2013
Yes, it is much better to have your stone be removed so that other illnesses (complications) will be avoided.The safest way to remove gallstone is through surgery. I had my gallstone removed last may 2012, now i fully recovered from the surgery. I went back to work after two weeks of operation. I have fatty liver and high blood pressure mainly caused by having gallstone, but with proper diet and medications i now recovered easily.
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replied April 29th, 2013
cutting back on fats helped me a lot but not sure it's a long term solution, stones can be removed with an ERCP, with is passing a tube down the throat into the gallbladder and then using some grippers to grab the stone, I had this done, it does has it's risks and the gallbladder still may need to be removed, as once one stone has formed, others are likely.
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replied May 21st, 2013
Your doubts about gall bladder removal are very justifiable. I bombarded the surgeon with questions before making up my mind. First I needed to understand the pain: it was the gall bladder pushing the stone though a narrow duct which otherwise would only take the bile (the acid produced by the liver). So I wanted to know why laser breaking down the stone (like they do to kidney stones) was not an option: it was but there was a risk of getting it stuck in the narrow duct and inflammation (more pain). Then about recovery: a minimum of one week. So i decided for it. Here's my after surgery experience:

It's my seventh day after surgery and I still feel some discomfort and, mainly, weakness (there was never any significant pain). Lying in bed on my back helps. A little back pain at times. I have recently felt out of breath and some internal pullings bother me a little. I always have veggies and fruits in my meals so bowel constipation was not an issue. The incision in the belly is still a bit swollen but the 3 stitches above it are gradually disappearing. It was only 3 days after surgery that I removed the bandages and started bathing the stiches. I am going back to work tomorrow and will see how it goes. It is office work but I will still take it easy.
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