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Is it possible that this is leukemia?

I'm 16 years old.

I was a very healthy kid until April 2011 when I came down with mono... which then turned into EBV which I didn't get over completely until January 2012.. even then I still had all the insomnia though. I missed all of sophomore year.

I was healthy all summer and was able to come back to school this fall as a junior. Each week I contracted some sort of illness.. just little colds but I haven't had a full week of school since it started. On the third week of school I got viral meningitis. I got very sick and was in the ER three times and hospitalized once. The first ER visit they discovered that my white blood cell count was almost nonexistent they didn't do a spinal tap because they didn't think it was bacterial. I was in the hospital from september 29th to the 30th... just one night. When I was released my white blood cell count had gone back up. I fully felt better on october 4th. By the way the meningitis started on... possibly the 21st but I don't quite remember.

Over the weekend I was feeling great again.. I was eating well.. I even went to our school homecoming. That was the one thing I did that weekend that was big.. I took the rest of the weekend easy.

However.. on saturday I noticed a small bruise on my hip that had no apparent cause, I most certainly didn't bump into anything.. but I ignored this.
On monday though I got a massive blotchy bruise on my thigh. It looks like I've been beaten! There is absolutely no cause, I certainly didn't bump into anything.
That night my bladder felt crampy when urinating but I excused it as period cramps.. this continued into wednesday so we figured it was a bladder infection and went into the doctors. Don't you get infections easily if you have leukemia? Because I've NEVER had a bladder infection.
On tuesday I started feeling tired..
On wednesday it got worse.
Today I woke up feeling horrible. Totally lethargic.. and I had a grey complexion.. absolutely no color. I made it through one class and had to come home. I couldn't concentrate.. all I could do is stare.
Over the weekend I ate very well.. but during the course of this week I've completely lost my apatite. I've never had this little of an apatite before, not even with the stomach flu. Food is completely unappealing to me, I don't feel hunger, and all the food tastes bad. I lost some weight when I had meningitis but now I've lost even more weight and my ribs are visible.
I've woken up in the night sweating the past three nights.. but not bed drenching sweat.. just a little bit sweaty.
I haven't had a fever that I know of.
Tonight I noticed the big bruise has gotten darker and I found another small bruise on the back of my leg.

While I had meningitis it felt like my bones in my arms and legs were aching.. that went away with the meningitis.. but now I'm starting to feel some of that again.. it's mild but there.

When I was at the doctors yesterday she looked at the bruise and said it wasn't dark enough to be of any concern.. she was mostly just telling me to eat better.. and I WAS.. but now my appetite is gone and I don't know why.

These symptoms are so close to that of leukemia... But is it even possible for me to have just developed this over the past two weeks and not had ANYTHING in my blood when I was at the hospital on the 30th?

I honestly wouldn't put it beyond me to get cancer because of how sick I've been over the past two years.

I'm sorry this was so long.. but any answers would be fantastic. I just really want to know what's wrong with me so I can get better.
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replied October 11th, 2012
Also.. when I had viral meningitis they didn't do a spinal tap. They said it could just possibly make my headache worse and that my symptoms were clear enough that they didn't feel like it would be beneficial to do it.

Like I said.. I left the hospital with good blood counts.. but now that I think about it.. there is always that chance that I didn't actually have viral meningitis.. since I didn't get an official diagnosis.. I mean.. I had the stiff neck and everything.. but still. I'd just like to put that out there.
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