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is it possible that my menstruation cycle switched

so i lost my virginity on November 4, it was unprotected sex! im supposed to get my period November 5 or 6 but i haven't got nothing, is it possible that my menstruation cycle switched, is it possible I'll get my period later on this month? im really worried, i need answers asap please
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replied November 6th, 2015
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There is no reason why your period should be late except for you stressing and worrying. That will delay your period.

A woman is normally not fertile in the 10 days leading to her period, or during her period. So the chances that you could have gotten pregnant is almost zero, it is not totally impossible. But it takes more than a week for pregnancy to show up, so your period is not late because you are pregnant.

Relax, and go on with your life. Your period will come when it is ready.

PLEASE make another plan. Part of the responsibility you have when you start having sex is to protect yourself from pregnancy and STDs.
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