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is it possible that my kids got autism from me?

hi my name is Dean im a 35 yr old man with 5 children and 2 of them are serverly autistic. I didn't think it was a genedic disease until my second child was diagnosed.

My question is do you think that I could have a slight case of autism myself? im different then 99% of people I no, but its never been recognised because I look, speak and appear to be normal.
When I was a kid I never really spoke much but I could talk, I had a lot of friends and everyone thought I was just a quiet kid and everyone iv ever met has liked me coz they could tell me anything noing that I would never say nothing to anyone. but the thing is I would always be in my own little world.
I was about 20 yrs old when I started talking and opening up to people, I seem to over look everything and think about things far to much. all my life iv always run from my problems coz I cant deal with emotional stress. everything I do has to be perfect, I don't like to make mistakes, and if I do I panic about it n it just plays on my mind. iv got 100s of friends but don't socialise with any of them, I don't like crowds of people and when I am iv got to be were I can see everybody. I also have a few other obsessive disorders,
I have this front that everybody sees but I seem to hurt the people that im close to or that care about me.

This has been plaing on my mind for 10 yrs since my first child was diagnosed because in some ways I see myself in both of them and I realy don't no what to do or who I should contact for help, any advice at all would be muchly appreciated. thankyou
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replied December 15th, 2013
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While yes ASD is significantly related to gene's. The fact is there is a lot we don't understand about how it develops in individuals. For example, we know that autism can develop even if there has been no history of autism in the family tree. However, we also know that, those with a family history of ASD can skip generations, we know that people with autism have a grater chance of passing on autism. The point I am making is the answer to such a question is still subject to debate as the finer details of how autism is developed on a genetic level is not fully established. Accordingly, it is pointless to worry about that subject. So let's deal with the things you can work with.

If you can afford it a child psychologist is the best thing you can do. For two reasons a) It can confirm the diagnosis in the children and offer CBT b) it will give the knowledge and tools as to how to best parent your children as autism requires quite a bit more knowledge then one would expect.

As towards yourself once again if you can afford it a psychologist might be able to help you with your own struggle.

Now if a psychologist is out of the financial range. There are a plethora of books on parenting autistic children. Perhaps that is something you want start with instead of going to the child psychologist. The reason I suggested a child psychologist is because you can the ask psychologist questions whereas you can't do so with a book.

Furthermore, while it may be a long shot contact your government mental health services and ask if there is any special program that you and or your children can be enrolled into.

Best of luck.
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replied January 27th, 2014
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Regarding your dilemma about yourself, if you suspect that you have autism you better consult a doctor for the assessment of your behavioral pattern. The doctor will be the one to tell you. Don't be so anxious because it only aggravates your burdens. Also, bring your two children with autism to child psychologist so the doctor can properly address the problem and your children can be rehabilitated.
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