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Is it possible my sperm soaked through? Is she pregnant?

My girlfriend and I were dry humping when I ejaculated. Is it possible my sperm soaked through my underwear, my jeans, her jeans, her underwear and now she is pregnant?
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replied November 27th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

Not from this episode.

It is not possible for sperm till wiggle their way through clothing before dying. Sperm are not very hardy, they do not survive for long outside of the body.

Also, though it only takes one sperm to actually fertilize the egg, it takes millions of sperm to break down the corona around the outside of the egg. So, millions of sperm would have to find their way through all of that clothing, find the vaginal opening, swim up the full length of the vagina, find the cervical opening, get through the cervix, swim up the uterus, pick one of the two Fallopian tubes (the egg only comes down one or the other each month), swim up the correct Fallopian tube to finally find the egg.

So, it is difficult enough for the sperm to find the egg with they are ejaculated deep in the vagina, it is just not possible to get a young lady pregnant from a gentleman ejaculating in his underwear and jeans.

Do be careful not to get too carried away next time and actually have unprotected sex. Get a condom and protect yourself and your girlfriend.

Good luck.
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