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Is it possible I have schizophrenia?

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Hi, I'm wondering if I'm having schizoohrenia. I'm 14 years old, and I'm having these symptons things, for almost a year now, and it's kinda worrying me. I have done 10 online tests, and they all said I had schizophrenia. One test even give me a score of 96, and everything above 65 is schizophrenia....
- I hear a soft voice (Or more) whispering to me. It usually repeats non-stop: End it.End it. End it... And when I say (out loud) I can't end it, he calls me weak, non-stop
- I smell things that aren't really there, but I'm convinced it is real what I smell, but others tell me it's not
- Sometimes I feel spiders and all kind of insects crawling over my body. I also feel a lot of weird sudden pains, like someone squeezing my skin there. Or biting me. Or hitting, whatever kind of pain.
- Sometimes I see things that aren't really there. I see black spots at places where thee isn't any shadow, and I see white faces at night. And sometimes I see things moving. Same story, I'm convinced it is there, but others say it isn't.
- I hear people callig my name, Always. Inside, outside. I hear it in music, or in whatever kind of stuff. I hear things that aren't there. I hear people talking to me in music, or in the sounds that computers make. Or even in animal sounds. Once I heard a totally normal bird, a sparrow, speaking.
- I get random sudden pains, and sometimes I feel like someone is touching me.
- If something goes wrong, which is my fault, I blame the computer, or people, or even paper. Or other lifeless things
- I'm convinced that people can read my mind and use that against me.
- I can have a lack of selfcleaning, i often skip brushing my teeth, and things like that.
- I have problems with sleeping, I just can't sleep the whole night,or I sleep way too long.
- I have stupid fears, like when I watch Jurassic Park, I'll be scared that night of a dinosaur coming into my room. Same case with burglars, etc...
- I'm often lost in my thoughts, and when I'm in that mood, I'm unable to reaspond to whatever. Like my mom calling me, I can't respond
- I have sudden moodchanges, One moment I can be happy, but the next moment I can be pissed.
- I can't get rid of bad memories. lIke 7 years ago, i dissapointed y brother, and I still feel guilty, and hate myself, because I made him feeling sad!
- I feel I have a kind like superpower
- I totally have my own believes, and so many people don't believe in my believes
- I can't organize my thoughts and I have concentration problems
- I have trouble expressing emotions
- Sometimes I get like a very weird vision.
- I'm kind of antisocial
- I talk to people and my 'imaginary' friends who aren't really there, out loud. I think they're real though. I'm only the only one who can see/hear them,
- I can be very emotionless, and at moments like that,I feel nothing
- I'm convinced that I rencarnated, I can remember my past lives
- I know I have a special quest in this live, I have to fullfill
- Sometimes I taste random things, fro food, i haven't eat in weeks

Well, these were the symptons I'm having. I don't know what it is, and I'm afraid to tell my parents. So please help!!!
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replied May 5th, 2013
plz help!!!!! And how can I tell my parents to take meto a doctor, who can explainme if I have schizophrenia or not... PLZ HELP!!!!
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replied May 5th, 2013
I'm in a similar situation as you. Though the voices I have really only call my name, I often have horrible thoughts of hurting myself and people. I would notify your parents or a doctor if you're not comfortable with talking to your parents. That's what I'm gonna do. From what I read, it sounds like you have it. Don't get discouraged by this. You can get help and live a very productive life. Some very important people have it. Stay strong, man. I know how disturbing it is.
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replied May 6th, 2013
thnx, for your comment, it helped me out. Stay strong to
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