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Is it possible for ARS Rashes to show after 10 months of Sex

I had a risky encounter with a prostitute in march. She started rubbing my penis on her vagina before I had put on a condom. Far as I could tell there was never any penetration, but her vaginal fluids were on the head of the penis. This lasted 10 seconds to 15.

Anyway this evening, I felt some itching in the chest and I itched the area hard. Then in the evening I noticed some red patches on the chest (most likely ringworms), but still I thought I should ask.

I understand that ARS rashes appear within weeks not after 10 months. But I felt it was best to ask.

Is it possible for ARS rashes to show 10 months after the incident. Haven't had any fever or sore throat or weight loss in the past 3 weeks.

I haven't had unprotected sex since March. That one was the only incident of me ever having done anything sex related without a condom.

So there is no question of anything arising from any recent sexual activity at all.

So it is possible for ARS rashes to show after nearly 10 months? I know its not, but re-confirming helps with mental anxiety a lot.
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