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is it possible at. All that I'm pregnant ?

I lost my virginity about a month ago and had unprotected sex, my cherry didn't pop. And I don't think he ejaculate inside of me bc later on. I gave him a hand job and he ejaculated then... my problem is that my period is all messed.... is it possible at. All that I'm pregnant ?
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replied June 19th, 2013
Extremely eHealthy

As you experienced penetration by a penis but it didn't break your hymen you are both a virgin and not a virgin...

Even though pregnancy is possible it is unlikely you are pregnant this time and your period has probably been disrupted by the stress caused by the fear of pregnancy or the unaccustomed sexual activity has stimulated the productions of hormones in your body.

In future I advise you to heed the warning provided with condoms "always fit a condom before any sexual contact as sperm can be released before ejaculation".

If you are wise you will protect yourself from possible infections as well as pregnancy in future.

Your assumption the guy didn't ejaculate inside because he ejaculated later is not a wise assumption at all.
There is not much difference between men and women in that respect. Some women orgasm quickly and easily and can often go on to have several and some women take a long time and one is all they can manage for several hours or longer.

Some men take a long time and can only manage once while with others it is all over in a few minutes but they can have a usable erection again in a quarter hour and ejaculate three or four times in the time it takes the first guy to recover from one.

Good luck!
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