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Is it oral herpes, canker sores, or ulcers

I have a bump on the inside of my lip. I've researched it and the options are its either canker sore, ulcer, or oral herpes.

It has a pink ring around it, white in the middle and located on the crease of my gum and lower lip.

I've been around kids alot throughout my life and i've had this type of bump before. I know kids can get oral herpes from adults and then they pass it around. What do u think it is in my case?
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replied June 27th, 2013
Especially eHealthy

What you describe sounds like a canker sore (aphthous stomatitis). These are very common. They are located on the inside of the mouth, on the mucosal surface. They are usually quite tender. The canker sore is white in the center, sometimes with a raised edge, and hyperemic around the outside of the ulcer (increased blood flow making the area look pink or red).

Mouth ulcers are also very common, and can be caused by many different things: from trauma to infections. A canker sore is actually a mouth ulcer.

Oral herpes (herpes simplex virus 1) is the cause of “fever blisters”. This lesion is usually located on the outside of the lips.

So, again, what you describe sounds like a canker sore. Most patients first develop these during childhood. They can be caused by trauma to the mucosal lining of the mouth. They often come up during periods of stress (such as exam time). Certain foods seem to bring then on (acidic ones, such as tomatoes or citrus fruit, frequently cause canker sores).

But, if you are concerned about the ulcers, see your physician or dentist.

Pain from a canker sore generally lessens in a few days and the sores usually heal without treatment in about a week or two. If sores are large, painful, or persistent, your physician or dentist may prescribe an antimicrobial mouth rinse, a corticosteroid ointment, or a prescription or over-the-counter solution to reduce the pain and irritation.

Good luck.
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