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is it normal to have alot of fluid come out your vagina

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Me and my bf been having unprotecd sex. During sex i notice that i leak alot. Is it normal for it to gush out Days later?my bf says he pulls out before he has to ejaculate. I also have sharp or burning pain menstral like pains before the liquid comes out. its white liquid like fluid that comes out. Its not smelly, doesnt itch or burn. could i possibly have a std?
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replied January 31st, 2012
This actually does have a lot of symptoms of STDs. For you and your boyfriend sake you should probably see a doctor, when it comes to STDs its a good rule of thumb to rather be "safe than sorry".

If you don't want to fork out a big chunk of money for a doctor visits, there are companies that focus on providing affordable STD testing (half the cost of a doctor visit). I've used STD test express you can call their free number and ask about your options 888-653-0412.

Hope this helps. Also if you have good insurance and a family dermatologist and aren't embarrassed that would be a good person to check it out with.
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