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Is it normal for UTI to return so soon?

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A month ago i had these symptoms of UTI. So i went to a doctor and did a urinalysis then he said that i have UTI and prescribed me some medicines to take for a week. So after taking the medicine for a week i went back to the hospital cause i still feel the same like nothing has changed so i went back to the hospital and told them about it. They asked me to have another urinalysis. But this time the result was okay. I don't have any problem in my urine anymore or no UTI. But i still feel the same, i even think that i became worst cause i am already feeling some pain in my lower back sometimes it is in my right side sometimes it's in the left some. Sometimes it's in my lower abdomen and pelvic area.

Then i went to a specialist and he asked me to have another urinalysis and ultra sound to see if i have kidney stones.

In my urinalysis result the doctor said i have infection then the result for ultra sound said i dont have kidney stones. So the doctor prescribed different medicines. I took it then after 4 days i am feeling better after a week i don't feel the urge to urinate always.

But now after a week or two i am starting to feel the same thing again. Frequently urinating, sometimes it;s painful and the urine feels warm or hot. I feel the same pain at my back sometimes it even go to my butt cheek.

Is it normal for UTI to return so soon? What do i need to do about this.
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