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Is it Mirena or am I crazy?

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Hello everyone!

My girlfriend, who I love more than anything in the world, Had the Mirena coil inserted las sat ( Jan, 29). Starting Sunday she has been in a terrible mood. She went from not being able to stay one hour away from me to tell me I crowd her and I sleep too often on her place (she NEVER wanted me to go home before). She gets angry at the smallest things in the world, she wakes up angry and with the face on, im only human and even though im very patient she can see on my face I dont like the way she is acting and off she goes. We went from having sex at least twice a day to once a week, and when we did her vagina was very dry and it was kinda painful for both her and me. Yesterday night, we had agreed on watching a movie together and then she got angry because I asked her to please smile a little and we ended up staying alone again. She has Absolutely no energy, She and I we usually work out together but she hasnt step on the gym once in the week and she has skipped class more in this week than she did in the whole previous semester. Her excuse is she is too tired. She realizes and acknowledges her mood is very faulty and has started taking Primrose oil to try and counter, but I dont think small periods and sex without a condom is worth the damage this thing is doing to her body. My question is, should we try and give it a few weeks to see if her hormone levels go back to normal and so does her behavior? or should we just go and get this thing out of her body?

P.s. Maybe I should have started by mentioning that she tried before with the pill ( two or three kinds, Im not sure) but had to get off them because of this reasons. She had TERRIBLE mood and depression, so its pretty clear to me than hormones and her body dont work that well together

P.s 2. I love her like I never loved noone and we are a very close couple that does everything together and had great plans and the chance of a great future together, She is almost a dentist and I have two years left of medical school. This stupid iud is causing havoc in our relationship and I dont wanna wait till one of us says or does something stupid out of anger

Thank you all for your time and my apologies for the faulty english

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