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Is it likely that I have Aspergers?

I neither watched T.V. nor went on a computer until I was of 6 years of age. I'm cross dominant(I think); I write with my right hand, but I play the piano, shoot a bow and arrow, etc. with my left hand. This is relevant because I'm physically clumsy, and I don't want to assume this is a symptom of Aspergers if my eye isn't correctly coordinated for some activities. My parents told me I flapped my arms and rocked back and forward for long periods of time in my high chair at a young age. Until 6th grade, I looked at socialization logically. Why would somebody invite me over to swim if they would have less room to swim than without me? My left leg is nearly always shaking, and I have compulsive desires about consistency. I'm often "disconnected", staring at objects but really looking inside my mind. I remember things from my very young childhood, such as my diaper being changed. I'm in Algebra 1(8th grade) and I can easily keep a 98 so far, but I'm very bad at social studies due to a lack of interest. It was decided that I was ready to start school despite being 4, and I have no trouble with school except with socialization. It's quite stressful; even moments such as when people walk by make me vey anxious. If they say "Hello", I'm unsure of whether to respond. I never speak to people I don't know well unless spoken to. If there is a person in my classes that I don't know well, then I make no attempt to ever know him or her well. My peers see me as a genius, though I doubt that. My grandmother talked to my parents about my having Aspergers, who later spoke to a counselor because of how upset I got when they took away my primary interest due to my spending an unhealthy amount of time with it. One person said that he was certain I had Aspergers, so after meeting with a social worker and psychiatrist, they both said that I did. The reason I'm posting here is because nearly all of my symptoms may have another explanation. My clumsiness might be due to cross dominance. My social unawareness may be simply due to inexperience. I'm 13 and I have few but (relatively) good friends. Do I have Aspergers?
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replied December 12th, 2013
Probly not, it could be because your parents did't raise you quite right or the same way as other kids; or maybe you had few interaction with other kids your own age. You could be a naturally shy person who thinks a lot and maybe you don't get enough sleep most nights. The possibilities are endless. Just because you got diagnosed by a so called professional because your family thinks you act strange doesn't mean you have a mental illness; Actually aspergers is a very over diagnosed mental diagnosis probably because of normal shy and strange people get diagnosed for just acting the way teenagers or kids act, that and also the school and your parents might be able to get money form doing so. Any way even if you have aspergers, which i doubt you do, its not the end of the world just don't brag of boast(or even talk much)about it or people WILL stop talking to you because they think you cant communicate in basically the same way as anyone else.(sorry for the long post and) Good luck to you.

Ps. what was the thing you "obsessed" over being taking away; depending on what it is it could make sense that you'd get angry with it being taken away.
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