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is it a matter of waiting for her to get out of this slump?

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I have been dating this girl with depression for almost 3 months now. Things were and still sort of are going well. Only unsure on the protocol for some things like we used to have sex earlier in the relationship and now we don't. When we did, she basically wanted me to rape her, and I did. Her moods are all over the place and that's fine. I am there when she needs it. I am on her because it feels like we plateaued already. She says she is in a "down" mood and all we mostly do it stay up all night talking and watching tv. I am fine with that except it is an everyday occurrence for a few weeks now. We go the mall sometimes in the day. That is about it.

Basically how do I get out of this slump or is it a matter of waiting for her?
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replied July 9th, 2017
Is your girlfriend seeing a doctor for her depression. Do you think she should? I'm sorry if I'm being too intrusive. I do think these are questions you and her should think about. Life should be enjoyed. Or at least to see the good in life.
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