I'm a bisexual male. I'm in love with one of classmates. I think he's giving out signals, but I don't wanna make a move until i'm sure. I don't wanna ruin his and my life. We're a bit too young.

The signs I think he is sending me.
-From time to time he would jump around class and always end up bumping me, then smile and say Sorry.
-One time, while I was checking my classmates papers; he went up behind me then suddenly started massaging my shoulders and said "You can do it."
-I tried staring at him from time to time, to test him; he always ends up smiling and holding the stare for 2 seconds and above.
-When I told him that I liked my family; he was somewhat startled and said "Oh, you like them? I thought you didn't."
-He seems to listen attentively, whenever I talk; and sometimes we make more eye contact than necessary.
-One time, while playing with a girl; he then poked my cheek(for no reason). Then started running away from the girl during their game; and ended up saying to me "Protect me from her." and then while behind me; he hugged me.
-We are definitely not more than acquaintances. But one time he said "Goodbye, You live at ________ right?". Which nobody does to me actually.
-He doesn't talk to me often, but when he does it's usually about things that he need help with; but is really easy. Like what to do, despite the written instruction.
-He once told me during christmas, " I love you."
-He laughs at the things I say, but I doubt they are funny.
-Behavior Change, he used to be competitive and arrogant. Now he studies humbly and tells me; don't worry I admit you are better than me. He avoids cheating tests in front of me, since I told him I dislike academic dishonesty.

Honestly, I love him now.
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replied July 14th, 2011
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I'm not saying this for sure, but he could indeed have a crush on you. Before you act on anything though, talk to him more. Try to become friends first. You can't be sure you're seriously into each other until you know more about each other. Then go from there. If you still feel attracted to him and you definitely think he's attracted to you, talk to him about it. Go for it. Only you can tell when someone is into you, and by the signs you listed, it could be very possible. Just go with your instincts! Smile Good luck! Smile
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