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Is H-pylori not the right diagnosis?

June 18, 2008 around noon I threw up not even 30 minutes after eating a sandwhich. Then not to long after I was really sweaty and feverish, and I just didn't feel right. I thought that maybe it could be food poisoning so later on that night I tried eating again only to find that two small bites was enough to make me throw up again.

I NEVER used to throw up so that was REALLY unusual for me. It continued for about 3 months during which I was constantly seeing the doctor and going for tests almost every other week. After about 5 months they diagnosed me with h-pylori. But even after all the medications were done I was still having trouble eating.

To this day I still get sick when I eat. It's ruining my life. I'm always tired, I'm always depressed, I can barely even walk up my own stairs without being out of breath and sometimes just thinking of eating makes me nauseous. I am almost always constipated but if im not constipated I just have diarrhea.

When the symptoms first started the pain was all over my tummy and I could hear something gurgling and popping, and whatever was popping hurt. Now-a-days most of the pain is in my stomach, on the left side of my waist and in my intestinal area (still gurguls and pops). I don't know whats wrong anymore, and my doctor doesn't seem to know either.
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replied July 24th, 2010
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Hi unsolvedproblem and welcome to ehealth: From what I can gather this is a problem with bacteria in the food....I kind of question the call, but I am not a doctor...Have you tried talking to a Therapist?...Tell he/she of your problems to see if this has something to do with your mind accepting the food...Our minds can play games with us and sometimes it does get out of control...The intestinal area making sounds could be caused by needing nourishment...Check it out...Take care...

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