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blood sugar causing anxiety


I am finally realising that alot of anxiety symptoms are caused by blood sugar crashes and that my diet SUCKS (since checking labels and realising how much sugar is added to my foods I am disgusted).

I am really confused about what I can and can't eat or drink. Can anyone offer a suitable website that can help me with diet plans/permitted foods etc?

I know that I need to avoid processed carbs, sugar, sucrose, dextrose etc.
However, glucose syrup isn;t on my list to avoid. I am pretty sure this is a no-go, but just wanted confirmation.

Thanks for your help Smile

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replied March 13th, 2008
Dave, I dropped my anxiety when I would basically follow the atkins plan and espcially when I eliminated caffiene.

Lowering carbs can help hypoglycemic symptoms, but everyone is different. Read Stan's sticky note on this forum, he lays out a good plan.
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