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Is Daily Advil Use Dangerous For Elderly Patient?


My mom is 87 years old and suffered a brain bleed stroke 5 years ago.

She broke her hip last year and it is unrepaired because the surgery was too risky.

This has left her bed bound and in a situation of chronic pain.

Her psychiatrist recommends her to take Tylenol and Advil together 3 times per day. This actually does a good job at relieving her pain.

Regarding the dangers of daily Advil use his position is that my mom is at the end of her life and it will take years for a kidney problem to develop from the Advil (at which time my mom probably won't be here anymore anyway).

Her primary geriatric physician does not want her taking Advil daily because she will be hospitalized with a bleeding stomach ulcer or worse because she is on an anticoagulant. She claims that kidney problems from NSAIDS do do not occur after years of cumulative use. They occur with use right now any dose. And the only way she can take NSAIDS is once in a while.

The problem is without the Advil my mom experiences pain each day (especially during the diaper changes when she has to be moved in the bed).

Can anyone enlighten me to the real risks of using Advil 3 times a day for a patient like my mom?
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