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Is cramping a sign of pregnancy ?

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i have been with this boy for about
two months an we have been talkin
for about 3 years.
he is 17 and im 13 almost 14
i have been having sex forabout 2 yrs now
and i have never felt this way before.
i use the restroom alot,i havent had a
peiod for about 2 months and i feel sick to my
stomach alot.i get hot often an i have weighted
130 lbs for about a year now and gained 10 lbs
that quick,i have awful cramp like i never have before
and i just thought that i wasfixen to start and i dont and i did
have a very light period than usual for 3 days.
i took a test and it said i am pregnant buti would like a second
opinion for you gys can you help me please!

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