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Is bleeding normal after taking the morning after pill?

Hi, I am concerned with something. I am a 28-29 day cycle. I had my period on october 25th which is like 2 weeks ago. I took the morning after pill a few days ago, october 31 to be exact. Right now im experiencing light bleeding and mild cramps and I wanted to know if this is normal? And if it is can you explain why please? Thank you.
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replied November 6th, 2013
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If you have conceived the morning-after pill or emergency contraception is designed to chemically cause an abortion.

Whether you have conceived or not taking the pill puts some strong chemicals/hormones in your system and some women report having the menstrual cycle disrupted with seemingly no periods and sometimes random bleeding, sometimes period symptoms but no period and suchlike.

If you began your last period October 25th you wouldn't have finished until say the 30th and so if your cycle is regular you wouldn't be due to ovulate for possibly ten days or a couple of weeks after that; long after any sperm your body stored had died.

It isn't wise to take chances if pregnancy would be a disaster but it was very unlikely you conceived this time and so emergency contraception probably wasn't needed.
I know that is a lot of probablies but that is the nature of things concerning people; what works for most people most of the time doesn't apply to everyone so predictions and guarantees are not appropriate.

I suggest making more definite contraceptive arrangements in future. Condoms, incidentally are about 73% effective and with additional spermicide about 92%. Oral contraception is better than 99% effective.

I hope this helps.
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