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is another dose of unwanted 72 required?

i had sex with my gf bt it was not intercourse as i had not ejaculated in her. we did it on 18th sept. and it was the 6th and last day of her menstrual cycle. her periods had stopped the previous day. it was unprotected though nothing was ejaculated and we did it for maybe 5 mins or less. she also took unwanted 72 within 3 hours. is there any chance of pregnancy? and is there any need to take pregnancy test? and also is another dose of unwanted 72 required? plz answer my questions. help me.
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replied September 19th, 2014
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Intercourse have nothing to do with ejaculation. If your penis went into her vagina, you had intercourse. Sex is a broader term including oral sex, anal sex, hand jobs, boob sex, mutual masturbation, and whatever else you want to throw into that bucket.

Since it was the last day of her period when she is unlikely to be fertile, you did not ejaculate and she took Unwanted 72, it is extremely unlikely that she can be pregnant.

She might get withdrawal bleeding 5 to 7 days after she took it, and her next menstruation will likely be delayed.

Please make a different plan. What you are doing is not a way to enjoy sex and stay safe.
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