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Irritation and Anger- Please help!

Hello to all!

I am a 23 year old female. For the past 4 months, I've been very irritated and angry at everyone in my life. For absolutely no reason, I get emotional and sensitive and cry about everything. It's come to a point where my sudden upset-ness, anger, and irritation are now ruining all the relationships in my life. Even my fiance is fed up and is considering ending everything. I am not sure why I feel this way and I want it to stop. I am completely healthy and all my physical levels are normal (thyroid , sugar, cholesterol, RBC and WBC count etc.) I am not taking any medications besides the daily multivitamins and am completely vegetarian.

I have this whole attitude of "I don't care anymore" and when people ask why, I just reply and say "i don't know" to everything! I even get irritated when people start to talk! I just want to be away from everyone and everything, just wanting to be alone. I know this attitude is wrong and I just don't know what to do anymore. I snap at everything and everyone. It seems like everything just makes me mad.

I am a Master's student in Genetics and I've lost ALL motivation to complete it. I've lost all motivation to do anything in my life. I just feel like sitting all day at home and lying in bed and going to sleep. If I could, I could sleep for 10-12 hours a day. I'm also very forgetful now.

Please let me know what could be the underlying problem. I do have an appointment with my doctor soon but I would like to hear some ideas. I have thought of some incidences from my life that could make me feel this way but there has been nothing so big to cause all this irritation and anger. Please let me know what you think. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!
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replied December 30th, 2011
Ideally a discussion with a Counselor would help for you to explore further, your GP may offer you this option.

You describe a varying range of feelings which could point to a number of causes, in your writings there could be evidence of: grieving, anxiety, possibly mild depression, regrets.
Has life changed for you over the past months which you may have not had any control?.
Are there too many things to do each day which leaves you tired and low?.
Have you allowed yourself to express feelings you needed to let out?.

I notice you are vegetarian and taking vitamins check your Iron levels. Vitamins may not be providing the iron you require that meet the demands of a busy life, again just a thought but may not be the cause. A lack of energy and sleeping?

From your post stating your health is fine and the feelings you describe, having a chat with a counselor may help you.
The Counselor will help you explore these feelings and any underlying issues within a safe to talk environment.

To gain a more accurate assessment maybe a visit to your GP who will advise you or seeking a Counselor .

Hope all goes well, you have taken the first step by acknowledging how you feel and taking action to seek help for you. if you wish to post back to share how you have got on. Smile

Thanks for sharing.
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replied December 30th, 2011
Thanks for the reply! What is a GP?
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replied December 31st, 2011

A GP is a General Practitioner another word for your local Doctor.
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